• Non-Default Classes for Spring 2015

    Over winter break, we asked our classmates to recommend their favorite "non-default" classes outside of the typical departmentals or requirements. Here are six of the top choices that will be offered in the spring, ranging from well-known to esoteric. We hope you’ll find at least one that is interesting to you. Read More

  • Our generation is famous for setting sky-high self-expectations, chasing an ever-more glamorous #FOMO-inspired lifestyle, and sending legions of young graduates to Wall Street.

    At Princeton, finance has long dominated as the largest industry employer of students – attracting 46% of full-time employed graduates in 2006, 24% of members of the Class of 2013 - followed closely by other traditionally Princeton career paths such as consulting and Big Tech. Together, these three sectors employed nearly half of full-time employed graduates of the Class of 2013. Six months ago, I walked out Fitz-Randolph Gate myself, arm-in-arm with my friends and classmates of four years, headed off to conquer a smattering of jobs roughly distributed among the aforementioned proportions. “Were we on the right path?” we wondered – were we ready to take on the question: “What will we do with our lives?” Read More